To: Phare NFPs        Cc:   EEA Hannu Saarenmaa
                                        EU E.Evrard
                                        Finsiel Corrado Iannucci
Rome, Mar. 31st 1998

Dear Recipient,
after the procurement of the hardware and software components for each Phare Country, as detailed in the official shopping list ("Phare EEA EIONET Telematic Network - Shopping list", ref. PH84XZ03), the building of EIONET network has entered a new operational phase.

Right now the Consortium personnel is completing the assembling and customisation of the different systems that will be installed at each NFPs premises in the next weeks.

Attached as annex 1 is the proposed overall installation activities calendar, starting from Apr. 15th 1998.

In this Phase activities will include installation of all EIONET equipment (EIONET server, router, firewall, PCs and Netscape software) except for the public server that will be installed in the next months, when the contract extension will be signed by the EU.
Within the contract extension is also planned the delivery of the Circle application to all NFPs.
Circle will be uploaded on the NFP's EIONET server during the public server installation activity.

You are kindly requested to confirm the proposed date for your Country or, should it not suit you for any reason, to ask to postpone the activities and indicate an alternative later date.
An answer within April 5th will be greatly appreciated.

The installation activities to be performed at each site will take 1-3 days , according to the following schedule, and will consists of:

These activities will involve both local IT structures administrators, for installation and PSAT.

A centralised training session for system administrators is also planned, tentatively scheduled in the first half of June 1998. You will receive a separate communication on this subject.

In any case for those NFPs who required new connections to be installed, i.e Bulgaria, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia and Slovakia, the proposed dates for installation are subject to the availability of the new Internet links by the local Internet services provider.

The Consortium will promptly notify involved NFPs of any possible delay due to the lack of the planned Internet connection.

You already received the preliminary required fitting premises form ("fitting premises form", ref. PH84XJ05) to be undertaken by each NFP. You are kindly requested to check it with your IT structures managers. Please note that delays in the availability of the required facilities is a reason to postpone the installation activities.

You are also requested to specify if, according to your own security policies, during the following network operation phase you want the Consortium to perform remote managing of the installed EIONET router.
Please, answer using the Phare Circle installation schedules newsgroup or, if you prefer, sending a fax  to Finsiel (+39.6.2271.4960).

As ever, let me thank you in advance for your kind and prompt co-operation, that constitutes one of the key success factors of the EIONET Project.


Andrea Salvemini
EIONET Deputy Project manager

Finsiel S.p.A. tel: (0039)6-22714151
Via G.V. Bona, 65 fax: (0039)6-22714960
00156 Roma - Italy



Stoyanova Iordanka  Bulgaria
Krejci  Vaclav Czech Republic
Saare Leo Estonia
Bozo Pal Hungary
Kirstuka Ilze Latvia
Stoskus Liutauras Lithuania
Kamienski Zbigniew Poland
Adler Serena Romania
Jezny Jan  Slovak Republic
Velkavrh  Anita Slovenia
Mechev Nikolay Bulgaria
 Hradec Jiriv Czech Republic
Eenmaa Vahur Estonia
Bozo Pal Hungary
Lustiks Ilgmars Latvia
Binkauskas Boleslovas  Lithuania
Bartold Robert Poland
Ghinda Teodor Romania
Benko Vladimir Slovak Republic
Seljak Marjan Slovenia

Annex 1
Phare-EIONET network installation activities
proposed calendar
PC date
Bulgaria                     25-27 May  1998
Czech Republic          15-17 April  1998
Estonia                      28-30 April  1998
Hungary                    20-22 April  1998
Latvia                        4 6 May   1998
Lithuania                    1820 May 1998
Poland                       11-13 May  1998
Romania                    11-13 May  1998
Slovakia                     25-27 May  1998
Slovenia                     18-20 May  1998
Annex 2
Phare-EIONET network installation activities
answering form


  1. Installation date

     Yes, the proposed installation date is confirmed


     No, the proposed installation date is not convenient.

         new proposed date ____________________


  3. Remote managing
   Yes, remote managining of the EIONET system by the Consortium is permitted


 No, remote managining of the EIONET system by the Consortium is not permitted