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Raw Material Consumption (RMC) was recently identified as a candidate for indicator to measure resource productivity. The European Resource Efficiency Platform called for the adoption of a target based on RMC to encourage further action. In October 2014 the Council of the European Union embraced that recommendation and stressed that such a target “would provide the much needed link between the measures dealing with economic policies and those addressing natural resource challenges.”

Eurostat has developed a model to estimate the raw material equivalents (RME) of imported and exported goods for the aggregated EU-27 economy (i.e. extra-EU trade). While Eurostat has compiled RMC data series for the EU27, it is currently envisaged that national statistical offices will compile national RME and RMC data (in the interim continuing to use Domestic Material Consumption – DMC – to monitor resource productivity). At present, six countries are working to develop - on a pilot basis – RME and RMC national figures. They are: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The webinar began with a policy update by Mr. Werner Bosmans from the European Commission, who covered recent initiatives and outlook for the theme of resource efficiency and circular economy, and in particular discussions related to resource productivity indicators and a target. This was followed by a presentation by Mr. Stephan Moll from Eurostat, who introduced the concept of raw material equivalents and the Raw Material Consumption indicator, discussed its policy significance and reflected on trends that emerge when using RMC and DMC. Finally, Mr. Harry Lehmann from UBA presented experience in Germany with using RMC for guiding resource efficiency policies.

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