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Contributor Franz Daffner

This page should contain contact information.

participants listing would be appreciated

Dear Franz,

In the new environment introduced to contain the Eionet workshop materials and at which one has to sign up for participation (etcetera) it is not possible to see who already signed up (as was the case previously). That is felt by the Eionet and AQ community as important from a networking and communication point of view. I/we at the ETC got several questions / requests from AQ contact persons about this 'missing link' on the workshop web page. I think it would be good and useful to re-introduce such listing being visible to all Eionet user accounts and request EEA to re-introduce it, fulfilling a wish of the Eionet (user) and AQ community. 

Best regards,

Peter de Smet. 

Posted by desmepet at 01 Oct 2014 15:46:35