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Period 03/10/2017, 09:00 - 04/10/2017, 13:00
Address Ordem dos Engenheiros, Av. António Augusto de Aguiar, 3D, 1069-030 Lisboa, Portugal
Organization/Building/Room Agencia Portuguesa do Ambiente
Contact person Anke Lükewille / Catherine Brytygier
Release date 30/06/2017
Contributor Catherine Brytygier
Type NRC meeting NRC meeting


Type Title Restrictions Owner Modification date and time File size Edit
Folder EIONET reimbursement forms (2 subfolders, 1 item) Catherine Brytygier 20/06/2017, 10:52
Folder Practical information (3 items) Catherine Brytygier 20/06/2017, 10:52
Folder Presentations and documents (3 items) Catherine Brytygier 20/06/2017, 10:53
Survey Eionet NRC meeting evaluation survey Catherine Brytygier 13/10/2017, 07:17
Survey Dinner and City walking tour: Registration Catherine Brytygier 26/09/2017, 20:42

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