URL GML files

Release date 24/10/2014
Contributor Darja Lihteneger
Geographical coverage EEA, Eionet
Keywords CDDA, INSPIRE, Protected sites, GML
URL http://taskman.eionet.europa.eu/issues/19469

Identification / deliverable number: D3.2-GML_files


Data are transformed from European CDDA data sets into GML files according to the mapping rules with INSPIRE Protected sites Simple application schema. Transformation is done per each individual country. Each package per country (compressed file) includes:

  • input data as Shape file
  • transformation rules in HALE alignment (.align)
  • transformed data as GML file

Information how the input data is prepared and the naming of GML files is described in the final report (D5.1–CDDA_INSPIRE_FinalReport).

Exception: GML files for Germany and United Kingdom are avaialble at EEA only.