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Upload date 10 Dec 2014
Contributor Darja Lihteneger
Geographical coverage EEA, Eionet
Keywords CDDA, INSPIRE, Protected sites
Release date 08/12/2014
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1 D3.1-TechnicalReport_GML_V4.0.pdf (current) Darja Lihteneger 10 Dec 2014 1002 KB application/pdf

Identification / deliverable number: D3.1-TechnicalReport_GML


This report presents the initial work on the proof of concept of transforming the data from the CDDA European data sets into GML, following the mapping rules. It includes examples of GML encoding and basic confirmation of GML validation. It presents GML and thematic issues. It also includes a complete GML encoding for one transformed national designated area (polygon) from the European CDDA data set. The report has been gradually updated during the project development.