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Upload date 10 Dec 2014
Contributor Darja Lihteneger
Geographical coverage EEA, Eionet
Keywords CDDA, INSPIRE, Protected sites, report
Release date 08/12/2014
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Identification / deliverable number: Step-5: Document the complete process


The main objective of the report is to provide the reader with a guideline for supporting the transformation and validation from source data model (CDDA) into target INSPIRE data model (INSPIRE PS Simple application schema) and for summarising the work done in the project “Common Database on Designated Areas (CDDA) in conformity with the INSPIRE data specifications”.

The report includes also:

  • summary of testing of the proposed update of INSPIRE Annex I XML schemas and list of identified issues within the INSPIRE Protected sites Technical Guidelines and XML schema - for further improvement
  • information on the pre-processing of the source data for the data transformation into GML files based on the developed mapping rules
  • a list of project deliverables.