Folder 3- Data transformation

This package of the deliverables include:

- Matching table with included mapping rules describing what and how to perform the data transformation (MS Excel);
- Data files

  • - Source data: input data samples from countries and CDDA as reported and published today;
  • - Transformed data now in GML format and in the proposed new CDDA data model;
  • - HALE alignment project (embedded mapping and data transformation functionality).

The software used for the transformation is the freely available HALE (version V2.9.4)

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The source data used in data transformation include:

- reported data delivery from Croatia
- reported data deliverv from the Netherlands
- selection from the European data set of CDDA, 10 entries per country, only data allowed for public dissemination
- selection from the European data set of CDDA of the French overseas territories

The source data are transformed into GML files according to the proposed CDDA GML schema and the mapping rules.

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