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DOC CDDA data request letter 2009 Download cryan (disabled) 04/12/2008, 00:00 249 KB
URL CDDA technical specifications online in Data Dictionary cryan (disabled) 30/03/2012, 16:59
PDF CDDA technical specifications.pdf Download cryan (disabled) 03/12/2008, 00:00 268 KB
DOC Guidance for GIS deliveries in CDDA Download cryan (disabled) 04/12/2008, 00:00 84 KB
URL link to 2008 review of designation types and categories (EIONET password required) cryan (disabled) 30/03/2012, 16:59
XML site_boundaries.xml Download Gordana Kolacko 11/03/2009, 00:00 177 KB