Working with media files

Login into your Naaya site and navigate to an existing folder, or add one. Add a new Media File. If all the required tools correctly installed, you'll be able to upload almost all known video formats (see for more details), if not, you'll be able to upload only Flash video files (see for more details).

Example files to use during the training (download on your local computer and upload into the CHM website):

As playing video files on the Web requires video conversion on server side, the video will not be available until the conversion is complete, therefore a message will annotate this.

After the file was successfully uploaded, you can edit the file and add subtitles for every site language. The subtitle format must be SubRip (see for more details). You can easily create SubRip subtitles for your movies using Subtitle Workshop (see for more details).

For the training movie, use this subtitle file already made:

Observe the media file with subtitles in English. Now open the above SRT file with a simple text editor and translate it (or just the first lines). Upload it for another language. Then observe how the subtitle changes when you change the portal language.

Use the code below the file (starting with "!-- Embed video - copy & paste --) and copy it to a folder's description. Then, view that folder. After uploading Media Files, the films can be displayed somewhere else in this very portal or into another.