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European Environment Agency

Kongens Nytorv 6

1050 Copenhagen K, Denmark


The Biodiversity Clearing House Mechanisms in Europe: Challenges for the next 3 years,  15-16 September 2008

Release date 11/09/2008
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15 September

9.30 - 10.00




Session I : Introduction and Framing


10.00- 10.15

Opening and presentation of participants


 Ivone Pereira Martins

10.15- 10.40

Global CBD challenges


Olivier de Munck (tbc)

10.40- 11.00

The Shared Environmental Information System for Europe

Sheila Cryan

11.00- 11.15 

The concept of Clearing House for Climate Change Adaptation in                           Europe

DGENV (tbc)

11.15- 11.30  

Objectives and organisation of work during the meeting

Rania Spyropoulou

11.30- 11.45

Coffee break



Session II : The forum of national CHM managers

11.45- 13.00 

CHM activities that go beyond national borders-  List is open :



-EU wide biodiversity observation

-Greenwave 2009



- Nature Detective Drawing Contest 2009



Discussion: Participants will be asked for their feedback

(Lead Horst Freiberg)


Lunch break



Session III: Development of strategy and action plan for a European CHM

14.00- 15.30

IT collaboration on biodiversity information across Europe             



- A proposal for syndication: what would this mean 

Rania Spyropoulou/ Miruna Badescu


- The development of the multi lingual glossary

Rob Hendriks


- Linking a database to the toolkit


Hannu Saarenmaa


Discussion on Next steps: Participants will be asked for their feedback

(Lead Rob Hendriks)

15.30- 16.00

Coffee break




Development of strategy and action plan for a regional/European CHM



-Biodiversity knowledge management for the EU

Anne Teller


-Syndication on technology transfer


Horst Freiberg


- Main task : collect information on the 2010 target across Europe

Rania Spyropoulou


Discussion on: development of strategy and action plan for a regional/European CHM

(Lead Han de Koeijer)

Participants will be asked for their feedback

 16 September

Session  IV : The forum of EC CHM users

9.00 – 10.30

I .Session on Feedback from users of the updated EC CHM Toolkit OR

Conference room


II Hands-on training on the use of the basic Toolkit (if demand)

Fontana Room

10.30 – 10.45

Coffee break



10.45- 12.45

Training on the new features of the Toolkit



Lunch break



14.00- 15.30

Continue training on the new features


15.30- 15.45

Coffee break



Session  V: Joint session with GBIF European nodes on sharing biodiversity data and information


EEA vision on species data sets

Rania Spyropoulou


Introduction to GBIF and GBIF Nodes Introduction to CBD-CHM FPs

Lawrence Way



Discussion and clarifications



- Needs on data content: Pan European Datasets on invasive species

- Needs on data content :The GBIF Nodes perspective

Tor Bjorn Larsson



Hannu Saarenmaa


Opportunities for collaboration to create European content

Lawrence Way


Questions and discussion


17.15- 17.30

Wrap up

Sheila Cryan

18.00- 19.00  

Reception offered by GBIF