HTML Document Training agenda

Release date 11/09/2008
Contributor Former Eionet member

1. "Getting started" module

  • Content management
    • explanations of all available content types
    • hands-on basic functions: add, edit, delete, move, order, restrict
    • how to use the HTML editor
    • publishing workflow - notifications for new content and approval process
    • functions from the administrative area
  • Multilinguality
    • translation of content
    • translation of portal's labels and messages
  • Changing the layout
    • logos, changing the skins and colour schemes, portlets
  • Syndication
    • what is a channel/feed?
    • local and remote channels
    • setting up a portlet with remote news
  • User management

2. "New features" module

  • Portal map and Geo Points (presentation and hand-on training)
    • add a location, demonstrate the automatic geo-coding
    • show how the points appear on the map and export to Google Earth
    • define new types of locations
    • change the map settings, bulk upload of points, use geo-positioning for other objects
  • Media files (presentation and hand-on training)
    • adding a film
    • adding subtitles for each language
    • best practices for using media files
  • Survey tool (presentation and hand-on training)
    • defining a simple survey
    • taking the survey
    • demonstration of a real life survey on a Naaya site
  • Consultation tool (presentation on a real life example, training if there is time)