HTML Document Tutorial: Multilinguality

Release date 16/09/2008
Contributor Former Eionet member

Translation of content

All content objects in a portal can be translated into the portal's languages.

Hands on:

  1. Open the "Parrot" HTML Document you created earlier. Click on the "French" language tab.
  2. Select "Fill the fields below from English" and click OK.
  3. Change the Title, Description and Body of the french version of the document - you can use the French Wikipedia page ( for reference.

Translation of portal labels and messages

Messages and labels in the portal are provided, by default, in the English language. You can translate all of them to any of the portal's languages.

Hands on:

  1. Navigate to the administration section (Services menu > Administration) and click the Translate Messages link from the right sidebar.
  2. Select a message (for example, "Add comment") and enter the French translation (you may want to use Google Translator); click "Save changes".
  3. Click "Back to translation form". Notice that the "Add comment" row has a green check in the French column.
  4. Click on the title of the "French" column. The labels have been sorted according to the French translation. Click it again; the sort order has been reversed.