HTML Document Tutorial: Portal layout

Release date 16/09/2008
Contributor Former Eionet member

Changing the portal's visual appearance

CHM-PTK comes with a predefined layout with 4 possible color schemes. You can choose a layout and color scheme from the "Portal layout" page of the Administration interface (Services menu > Administration; Portal Layout from the right sidebar).

The left and right logos can also be changed, from the Admin interface, Portal properties page, Logos tab.

Hands on:

  1. Open the Logos tab (Admin > Portal properties > Logos).
  2. Download these images on your computer, to use for test: logo_left.gif, logo_right.jpg.
  3. Select the images to upload in the two logo fields (don't check the "delete picture" checkboxes) and press "Save changes".

Creating a portlet

For this example we'll create a simple portlet using a link list.

Hands on:

  1. Go to the "Lists of links" section of the administration section.
  2. Enter an ID (your name) and a title (your name, followed by the words "list of links"). Leave the "create a portlet" checkbox checked. Click "Add".
  3. Click on the newly created list of links.
  4. Add a link. Title: "Europa", description: "European Union on-line", url: "". Click "add".
  5. Add another link. Title: "About", description: "About page", url: "/About/", check the "local link" checkbox. Click "add".
  6. Go to the "Portlets > Arrange" section of the administration interface. Click on the "Right side" tab.
  7. Select your folder from the tree (it's inside the "Exercise Content" folder). Select your portlet from the list at bottom left, click "Add".
  8. Click "Save changes". Navigate to your folder and check that the portlet has appeared on the right side.
Normally you would place portlets on the left side (so they appear on all pages) or front page (so they appear only on the homepage). We chose the right side for this example so we wouldn't clutter the training site.