HTML Document Content management exercises

Miruna Badescu, Finsiel Romania
Release date 02/06/2006
Contributor Former Eionet member

  • Log in as Manager
  • Choose a portal folder, add a few content items and edit them
  • Approve the content, verify that it is publicly available
  • Explain the validation process, validate an item
  • Try the other functionality available at folder level (sorting items, restrict access, copy/paste/delete)
  • Comment on content
  • Go into the administration area and demonstrate the centralized functionality here for content management:
    • Basket of approvals
    • Basket of validation
    • Version control
    • Main sections
    • Latest uploads box
    • URL Management
    • Prebuilt Content
    • Comments on content
  • Introduce the concept of versioning (check-in/check out items) and see what end users see during the process