EUNIS marine habitats revision - consultation

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I am pleased to inform you that a proposed revision of the marine part of the EUNIS habitats classification, levels 2-4, is now available for your review up until 7 July 2015, as we have given an extention of 8 days (previous deadline was  29 June, 2015).

Following a demand for update of the EUNIS habitat classification, an expert marine workshop has agreed on a process for revision. The European Environment Agency and its European Topic Center for Biological Diversity have compiled this revision of the marine part of the classification, levels 2-4 and we are now consulting our proposal. The outcome of this consultation, will be reviewed and finalised by the European Topic Center for Biological Diversity. Eventually, marine levels 5 and 6 will be added to the relevant revised levels 2-4. We hope to publish the revised classification at the end of 2015. Please note that the EUNIS habitat classification has been adopted as a reference under the INSPIRE Directive.

As a marine habitat expert, you now are invited to participate in this online consultation.

Please start with looking at the documents attached below, in particular the READ ME sheet in the Excel file named ‘Detailed spreadsheet – EUNIS marine restructuring’. Your input should be provided into the online

The proposed revision is being consulted with the NRC marine, coastal and maritime network and the Regional Seas Conventions (relevant working group chairs or regional activty centers). NRC biodiversity data and information, and the NRC biodiversity and ecosystems, indicators, and assessment networks are also invited. This email provides the access to the consultation, and should a colleague be better placed to respond, you can forward this email to them. We will only be able to process comments provided online.

If you have any questions regarding the consultation please do not hesitate to get in contact with Rania Spyropoulou ( copying Mette Lund ( and myself (


Files attached to this consultation
Section Comments
General comments to the proposed revision 12
Littoral rock 6
Littoral biogenic habitat (saltmarsh) 2
Littoral biogenic habitat (faunal) 4
Littoral coarse sediment 2
Littoral mixed sediment 3
Littoral sand 4
Littoral mud 4
Infralittoral rock 5
Infralittoral biogenic habitat 4
Shallow/infralittoral coarse sediment 4
Shallow/infralittoral mixed sediment 2
Shallow/infralittoral sand 4
Shallow/infralittoral mud 3
Circalittoral rock 5
Circalittoral biogenic habitat 3
Circalittoral coarse sediment 4
Circalittoral mixed sediment 3
Circalittoral sand 4
Circalittoral mud 3
Bathyal rock 5
Bathyal biogenic habitat 5
Bathyal coarse sediment 3
Bathyal mixed sediment 2
Bathyal sand 3
Bathyal mud 3
Abyssal rock 3
Abyssal biogenic habitat 2
Abyssal coarse sediment 1
Abyssal mixed sediment 1
Abyssal sand 1
Abyssal mud 3
Other (non-oxygen-based) marine habitats 4
Marine habitat complexes (to be moved to X of the classification) 4