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Folder Reports by EUNIS habitat group (3 subfolders) Eleni Tryfon 08/04/2019, 15:24
PDF Report 2019-Forests-heaths-grasslands updated crosswalks with EurovegChecklist and indicator species Download Eleni Tryfon 08/04/2019, 15:16 9 MB
PDF Maps 2019 revised EUNIS grassland heath scrub tundra forest Download Eleni Tryfon 08/04/2019, 14:43 12 MB
PDF Report 2016 EUNIS Grasslands II incl plot maps Download Mette Palitzsch Lund 07/12/2016, 13:58 2 MB
PDF Report 2016 EUNIS grasslands review and heathland-scrub-tundra maps Download Mette Palitzsch Lund 20/06/2016, 10:43 5 MB
URL Report 2014- Review of EUNIS heathland-scrub habitats Former Eionet member 05/03/2015, 11:23
URL Maps 2014 forest- releve-distribution-predicted habitat suitability Former Eionet member 05/03/2015, 11:27
URL Report 2014-EUNIS forest habitat descriptions and map methodology Former Eionet member 05/03/2015, 11:28
PDF Report 2013 EUNIS Forest habitat classification final version Download Eleni Tryfon 06/01/2017, 14:40 2 MB
PDF Report 2012 Vegetation syntaxa crosswalks to EUNIS habitat classification update 30-05-2014 Download Former Eionet member 24/10/2014, 16:18 3 MB
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