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Geographical coverage France
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Release date 20/12/2018
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On the 20th of December, François de Rugy, Minister of State, Minister for an Ecological and Inclusive Transition, launched the second French National Adaptation Plan for Climate Change (PNACC-2) for the period 2018-2022. Its objective is to better prepare the French society to climate change, involving the main sectors of the economy (agriculture, industry, tourism ...) and territories.

Based on the recommendations of the assessment of the first French NAP (PNACC 2011-2015), and in line with the Paris Agreement, the development of the PNACC-2 was based on a national consultation that mobilized for two years over 300 representatives of the civil society, experts and representatives of local authorities and ministries concerned.


The work was organized according to six clusters: Governance and Steering; Knowledge and Information; Prevention and resilience; Adaptation and Preservation of Natural Environments; Economic sectors; strengthening International Action.

 The PNACC-2 is based on a greater involvement of territorial actors, a strong focus on overseas territories and the involvement of major economic sectors. Priority is given to Nature Based Solutions wherever it makes sense

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