File 9 Adaptation Strategies and 51 Activities Recommendation Aims to More Resilient Forests to Climate Change in Turkey

Contributor Eray Ozdemir
Release date 15/01/2021
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One of the outputs of an activity of technical cooperation agreement (Three-Party Fexte Partnership Agreement), signed between the General Directorate of Forestry, French Development Agency and ONF in 2019, the Adaptation Strategy Document of Forests to Climate Change was prepared and published by OGM-LULUCF (Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry) Working Group and with the approval of General Director of Forestry.

This document has been prepared with contributions of the French Forest Service-International (ONFi), French Forestry National Forest Owners Center (CNPF), French Forest and Agronomy Research Institute (INRAE), Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, relevant departments of OGM and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, forestry research institutes, Forest Faculty of Istanbul Cerrahpa┼ča University and other stakeholders.

This document aims to make our forests and forestry sector resistant to the negative effects of climate change, in line with OGM's mission. The main purpose of the Document is to prepare the background of the forestry part of the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan, which will be updated in 2023. The strategy and action recommendations will be officially submitted to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization to be used in updating the National Climate Change Adaptation Strategy and Action Plan.

9 strategies and 51 activities under these strategies are proposed in this Document.


The English version of Strategic Plan for Climate Change Adaptation of Forestry can be available from the following link: