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Fuel mix in the transport sector

The transport sector is still strongly dominated by oil use. Oil accounts for 94 % of the sector’s energy consumption, and the sector accounts for 80 % of the total oil consumption in the EU. Alternative fuels, particularly liquid biofuels, LPG and natural gas have emerged as a small but increasing share of the transport energy mix since 2006. Driven by biofuel targets in the Renewable Energy Directive, the share of biofuels in the energy mix of the road transport sector has increased from a negligible level in the early 2000s to 3.5 % in 2016 (Eurostat, 2018b). Electricity has remained a small part of the transport fuel mix over time. Sales of hybrid and electric vehicles have grown dramatically in Europe in the last decade. They still represented only around 1.5 % of all new vehicles sold in the EU in 2017 whereas the share in Norway is more than 30 % (EEA, 2018a). Current and expected growth in electric vehicle uptake across Europe will significantly increase the share of electricity in the energy mix of the transport sector.

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