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European funds for flood protection measures in Smolyan


Source: Municipality of Smolyan






121,572   (2011)

Climate Impact(s)



Adaptation measures financed

  •   expansion and cleaning of the riverbed
  •   reconstruction and upgrading of the existing flood protection walls
  •   construction of new flood protection walls

Financing source(s)


EU funds and   local government funds

Financing type(s)

Direct funding   and co-funding of adaptation-related measures

Financing mechanism(s)

EU ERDF   funding mechanism

Summary Description: In response to flooding   causing damage in Smolyan’s Ustovo neighbourhood in 2005, the city   implemented a number of flood protection measures that presumably have   already paid off already during the wet year of 2014. Under the project,   river banks were widened, existing protection walls were reinforced and new   walls constructed. The costs of the flood protection measures combined amounted   to €477.259 Euro. A small part, 5% of the total sum was provided from the   municipal budget of Smolyan. The majority of funding originated from the EU   through the ERDF Operational Programme “Regional Development 2007 – 2013 ‘Support   For Small-Scale Measures To Prevent Flooding In Urban Agglomerations’. Municipal experts took care of the application. The project proposal was submitted to the   ministry of regional development - managing authority of this programme. When   the project was granted, a contract was drafted between the ministry and the   municipality of Smolyan. In the next phase, an open contracting procedure was   started for the construction works. The construction company answered   directly to the municipality, who in turn reported to the ministry.

Main Challenge for implementation:  Illegal buildings on the construction site, like barns and gardens,   that had to be demolished before work could start.

Main success factor for implementation: Municipal experts had access to all the   information required for the project, including preliminary studies and   technical designs. Land on which the measures are being implemented is owned   by the municipality and that it was easy to obtain building permits.


Economic Development, Tourism,   International Programmes and Projects Directorate


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