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A critical assessment of what we want to learn and why is required before we can consider ‘how?’ (Fisher et al. 2015)

Learning: There is a growing emphasis on ensuring that learning is placed at the heart of MRE. Climate adaptation is still a relatively new field and while many European countries have undertaken some form of adaptation planning, only a modest number have begun implementation (EEA 2014). Consequently, knowledge and experience of how best to adapt to future climate change, how vulnerability can be most effectively reduced and resilience enhanced, and what the characteristics of a well-adapting society might be, is still under-developed. Learning what works well (or not), in which circumstances and for what reasons, is critical (Pringle 2011).  Countries need to make full use of the knowledge that can be gained through MRE, especially given the scale of likely impacts, the limitations to effectively control global greenhouse gas emissions and, consequently, the level of adaptation investments required. MRE has the potential to be a key means of enhancing our learning and informing more effective adaptation policy and practice.

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