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Accountability: Adaptation is often undertaken in the context of European, national and sub-national policies and with the support of European or national government funding. The means there is a close relationship between national level MRE and accountability, be that to funders, governments or the tax-paying public. This can lead to a particular focus on ensuring that policy commitments, expectations, expenditure targets and standards are met (Spearman and McGray 2011). To support this objective, formal monitoring and reporting requirements are often put in place.  Accountability may also overlap with effectiveness and efficiency considerations, for example when considering value for money of an investment.

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  • minnen (Jelle Van Minnen) 06 Oct 2015 16:07:16

    -          Pg 15: Accountability: This can also be done to evaluate the output of policies & measures. “Did we do what we agreed on to do”. To my opinion is an additional dimension of accountability.

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