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The process of adaptation has also been conceptualised as a cycle. The adaptation risk, uncertainty and decision-making framework (Willows and Connell, 2003) was a one of the first publications to characterise adaptation and a cyclical, iterative process.  Within this cycle, “Monitor, evaluate and review” is identified a critical step, enabling new information and lessons to shape future decisions.  The concept of the adaptation cycle has been adapted into a range of support tools and frameworks now applied in a number of European countries (UK – see UKCIP 2005; Slovenia – see Cegnar, 2011; Germany – see the German Adaptation Support Tool[1]) and beyond. Most notably, this approach informed the development of the European Adaptation Support Tool (See figure 1.1) and the European Commission’s Guidance for National Adaptation Strategies (European Commission, 2013).


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  • minnen (Jelle Van Minnen) 06 Oct 2015 16:07:55

    Pg 16, last paragraph. I don’t know whether you look for more examples of using the policy/adaptation cycle. In the Netherlands this also occurs in such a way (see also PBL, 2015: Ontwerp voor een Nationale Adaptatiemonitor: Een monitoring- en evaluatieraamwerk voor de Nationale Adaptatie Strategie, Beleidsstudie, Bilthoven, 54 blz; )

  • pringpat (Patrick Pringle) 08 Oct 2015 17:04:00

    Addressed - Comment taken into account and text adjusted 

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