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While these cyclical adaptation frameworks clearly acknowledge the role of MRE, until relatively recently few considered the challenges associated with MRE of adaptation, and even fewer provided guidance on this subject.  This partly stems from the positioning of MRE as a later step within both the adaptation and policy cycle; efforts tended to focus on planning, risk and vulnerability assessment and identifying options. This meant that adaptation plans and frameworks ‘expected’ iterative learning to occur while taking few or no steps to support this. As countries and projects now reach implementation so their appetite for considering the challenges and methods associated with MRE has increased. In turn, so has a realisation that conventional MRE practice will not automatically provide the insights and understanding we require.

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  • biesbrob (Robbert Biesbroek) 06 Oct 2015 16:20:31

    How you perceive the process is determined by the objective of MRE - if the objective is mostly continuous learning, then MRE takes place across all phases. If the focus is on policy impact, it makes sense to focus on the final stages of the cycle

  • pringpat (Patrick Pringle) 08 Oct 2015 17:06:18


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