Overview on climate change adaptation platforms in Europe

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Executive Summary 0
Acknowledgements 0
Abbreviations 1
1. Overview of climate change adaptation platforms
    1.1 Introduction 6
    1.2 Linking Adaptation Platforms with Sector-based, Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Services Platforms 12
    1.3 State of the art - The adaptation platform landscape 42
2. Adaptation Platform Analysis 2
    2.1 Challenges for adaptation platforms 12
    2.2 Reflections and lessons learnt 46
    2.3 Relationships between Climate Adaptation, Climate Service and Disaster Risk Reduction Platforms 14
3. Conclusions
    3.1 Key messages 12
    3.2 Possible next steps 4
Annex 1 - Climate Services 0
Annex 2 - Climate Adaptation Services 0
Annex 3 - Information on national adaptation platforms 0
References 2