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As depicted in Table 1.3.3, the UKCIP platform, launched in 2000 has been active the longest while the majority of the national platforms were launched after 2007. The transnational and European platforms have been available since 2011. The experience in delivering these platforms is limited with only four platforms – United Kingdom (different organisations), Germany, Austria and Denmark – having more than three years of experience. Some countries have already started to evaluate their platforms that in some cases have led to a major restructurings of their respective platform (see sub-section 2.2. under monitoring, evaluating and improving a platform). Climate service platforms within Europe and globally have been in existence for many years in numerous forms (including prior to concerns related to climate change).  Some of these were started as a result of earlier initiatives within the World Climate Programme, private sector initiatives and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Data Distribution Centre[15]). In the case of DRR, there are platforms at national, European[16] and global levels. Most of which have been implemented in response to policy initiatives at the European and global levels, such as within the UN Hyogo Framework for Action).

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