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4.3.         National Action Plans to reduce risks from pesticides[1]

EU legislation can require Member States to derive national approaches where that is appropriate. For example, the "Sustainable Pesticide Use Directive" (EC, 2009b) required that Member States introduce National Action Plans, setting objectives, measures and timelines to reduce risks for human health and the environment by the end of 2012.

- training of users, advisors and distributors
- inspection of pesticide application equipment
- the prohibition of aerial spraying
- the protection of the aquatic environment and drinking water
- limitation of pesticide use in sensitive areas
- information and awareness raising about pesticide risks
- systems for gathering information on pesticide acute poisoning incidents, as well as chronic poisoning developments, where available.


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  • sommelin (Linda Sommer) 27 Sep 2018 09:29:52

    DE-UBA IV 1.3:

    We would welcome an example (perhaps a box) of how actions within the national action plans contribute help to gain knowledge abut the risk from pesticides and derive measures to reduce them. The German representative monitoring for the pollution of small water bodies in the agricultural landscape (pilot study, KGM) would be such an example.

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