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Dear colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the EIONET and stakeholder consultation of the draft EEA report “European water – assessment of status and pressures 2018”. We kindly ask all invited stakeholders to comment on the draft report using the online tool before

28 February 2018

EEA ask Member States to provide a consolidated country response and only upload one set of comments per Member State or EEA member country. EEA´s primary networks are the Eionet NRCs on water (water quality, water emissions and water quantity) and we ask that these, together with the Member State SCG members, coordinate their comments. Providing comments require an Eionet account.  In case you have forgotten your EIONET Account credentials, you can recover them using this form: For technical support, please contact EIONET helpdesk at:

Some background information on the European water – assessment of status and pressures 2018 report.

Since December 2015, EU Member States have been publishing the second River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs) for achieving the environmental objectives of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). They are an update of the first RBMPs, which were published in 2009. In 2018, the European Commission will publish its report on the assessment of the second RBMPs. The Commission has also started the process of evaluating the WFD, with the publication of the Roadmap for the Fitness Check on the Water Framework Directive and the Floods Directive.

To accompany and inform this process and to fulfil the requirement of WFD Article 18, the EEA has produced this report on the 'European water – assessment of status and pressures 2018' along with presentation of more detailed results available in the WISE visualisation tool. The WISE visualisation tool is being further developed during the consultation period, and updated versions of some of the tables and graphs will be produced. EEA will regularly upload two files (one with links to tables and one with links to graphs) to the consultation folder.

The report aims to present results on:

  • What is the status of EU waters based on the second RBMPs?
  • Which pressures are causing less than good status?
  • What progress has been achieved during the first RBMP cycle (2009-2015)?

The report presents results on the status of surface waters and groundwater in Europe, providing overviews at EU level, Member State and River Basin Districts. 

We hope you find the draft report interesting and look forward to receiving your comments.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.


The current draft is based on data delivered by the Member States via WISE up to end 2017 (25 Member States). Where Member States did not deliver data or the RBMPs are not yet available, information from the specific Member States is not presented.

Where data are available, it has been dealt with, and is presented, to the best of our knowledge. Nevertheless inconsistencies and errors cannot be ruled out. Comments and remarks on results are very much appreciated.



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