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This loss, is reflected in assessments of conservation status carried out under the Habitats Directive (EEC, 1992). An analysis of the conservation status of 37 floodplain habitats shows that the vast majority are in either inadequate or bad conservation status (Figure 2.5). Across Europe, only 14% of floodplain habitats and species are in good conservation status, reflecting the high degree of disturbance to the floodplain ecosystems. The disturbances stems from the multitude of human activities, but especially urbanization and agriculture have had a very large impact.

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  • johnsdav (Dave Johnston) 15 Aug 2019 11:06:14

    Habs Dir article 17 report 2019 will update this figure for status of habitats in in relatively near future.

    Fig 2.5 confirm in map legend that the figure is floodplain habitats not all habitats

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