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Improved coherence

Many decisions related to water management also have profound impact on habitats and species that depend on water. While river basin and flood risk management plans attempt to coordinate measures, this is less the case with Natura 2000 management plans. An assessment of the Natura 2000 network concluded that the network had not been implemented to its full potential, in part due to incomplete management plans and follow-up (ECA, 2017). Coordination across the Water Framework, Floods, Habitats and Birds Directives may also be hampered by the large difference in scale between the planning areas.  However, as shown in this analysis, many of the services provided by the floodplain also benefit biodiversity, and the measures that achieve improved ecological and conservation status are often the same.


Managing from the perspective of ecosystem services enable a system where the relationship between services and trade-offs between competing service provision can be evaluated. This is not straightforward to accomplish, but compelling examples such as the restoration of Chimney Meadows, UK that demonstrate an almost 6 fold increase in value of a restored area through consideration of multi-functional aspects of the area (Box 7), suggest that there is a lot to be gained using such approaches. Once a holistic assessment of watershed or river basin priorities are available, it becomes more straightforward to inform the planning process on management trade-offs needed to establish a more sustainable use scenario.

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  • birkseba (Sebastian Birk) 29 Jul 2019 10:41:32

    "Managing from the perspective of ecosystem services enable": write "enables"

  • birkseba (Sebastian Birk) 29 Jul 2019 10:42:06

    "Once a holistic assessment of watershed or river basin priorities are available": write "is available"

  • birkseba (Sebastian Birk) 29 Jul 2019 10:43:54

    At the end of this paragraph, I would suggest to add a sentence on the 'popular' concept stipulating the decoupling of economic growth from environmental destruction.

  • kampaele (Eleftheria Kampa) 20 Aug 2019 14:31:16

    From the content of the section, title "improved coherence" may not be the right one. It gives the impression it could be more about policy coherence, but the section actually rather refers to ecosystem services assessment for more holistic management?

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