Annex 4 Measures that improve services


Table is based on NWRM (2015)

  • birkseba (Sebastian Birk) 29 Jul 2019 11:09:36

    This list requires a thorough editing, considering the deletion of literature references, comma placements, singular/plural verbs etc.

    Furthermore, the title "measures that improve services" could be extended into "restoration measures that improve the delivery of ecosystem services"

  • januskat (Kathrin Januschke) 02 Aug 2019 16:21:44

    Moreover, measures should be sorted somehow. Easiest way would be alphabetically. Another possibility: measures from river channel to bank to floodplain; in an additional first row it could be marked which part(s) of the river-floodplain system are affected by measures.

  • januskat (Kathrin Januschke) 03 Aug 2019 23:16:14

    In general, it would be good to be a little bit more precise in the descriptions (e.g. habitats for what) and maybe link it to Directives which will also be supported. For each measure (sorted alphabetically) it would be good to have a similar structure of info: more precise info about measure, info about supported ecosystem service(s), info about supported Directives and, if suitable, habitats and organism groups.

    Further comments:

    • Reconnection of oxbow lakes and similar features: maybe good to mention the important function as a refugee and spawning area for several fish species?
    • Removal/lowering of minor embankments: …Support habitats for highly specialized and endangered species (e.g., ground beetles, Januschke & Verdonschot 2016, birds ()). Maybe other examples of species, listed in Habitats and Birds Directive?
    • Stream bed renaturalisation (the last word is somehow more complicated than restoration….or is it the official word?):
    • Better: supports type-specific habitat characteristics as a basis for near-natural colonization of macroinvertebrates, fish and macrophytes, supports therefore WFD aims.

    For me, the difference between ‘Removal/lowering of minor embankments’ and ‘Elimination of river bank protection’ is not really clear. What is meant by ‘minor’? Also minor embankments function as river bank protections.

  • ritvamar (Maria Szomolanyi Ritvayne) 27 Aug 2019 18:10:57

    Sediment management is missing from the list of measures, although this is an important part of river and floodplain development.  Reconnection of side-arms is also missing (beside oxbows/ meanders).

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