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Measures and management challenges

Measures to reduce pressures from mining activities for surface waters include re-use or recycling of excess water, diversion of run-off systems, or the use of reagents or chemicals with a low environmental impact, drainage systems, removal of suspended solids or liquid particles, or removal of dissolved substances by e.g. adsorption or nanofiltration. For groundwater, physical barriers, drainage systems techniques, or covering techniques are listed as effective measures to protect aquatic ecosystems (EU, 2018). These measures are part of the BAT (best available techniques) for the management of waste from extractive industries, which need to be implemented in EU Member States targeted by the Extractive Waste Directive (EWD) (2006/21/EC). According to Article 5 of the EWD, operators have to submit an extractive waste management plan (EWMP) as part of their permit applications.

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