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Almost half of the population in Azerbaijan was not connected to water supply system in 2017. Since the 2000s, the Azerbaijan government has implemented water supply projects to improve sanitation services in the country (UNECE, 2011b). By means of those investments the total number of people connected to the water supply has increased significantly from 3.6 million inhabitants in 2005 to 5 million inhabitants in 2017. Azerbaijan set targets to ensure access to improved sources of water supply with 24-hour uninterrupted water supply. The targets for 2020 were that 95 % of city residents and 65 % of those in rural areas would have uninterrupted water supplies; for 2030 the targets are for 100 % of city residents and 80 % of those in rural areas. However, two major issues remain as future challenges for water management in Azerbaijan: (1) increasing the percentage of the total population connected to the public water supply; and (2) decreasing the leakages from the transport system. Work on these issues needs to continue, requiring financial and technical investments in the public water supply network.

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