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Belarus aims to supply water to all settlements with more than 100 000 inhabitants. In 2017, around 95 % of Belarusian citizens were connected to the water supply system, which corresponds to a 17 % increase compared to 2000. Sub-programme 5, ‘Pure Water’ of the state ‘Comfort accommodations and an enabling environment for 2016-2020’ programme, sets the target to supply drinking water to all public consumers by the end of 2020 (Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, 2016). Belarus is very close to achieving this target, and the trend in the improvement of the water supply system is encouraging. Meanwhile, Belarus has been investing in renewing and expanding the water supply network in recent years. The total length of the public water supply network increased from 31 156 km in 2010 to 38 204 km in 2017. Over the same time period, the total length of the water network renewed was about 1 295 km, corresponding to 3.4 % of the existing supply network. As a result of these investments, water losses in the Belarusian water supply system have decreased.

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