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The Republic of Moldova aims to provide access to improved drinking water systems to 99 % of its urban population and 85 % of its rural population by 2025. It aims to provide access to improved sanitation for the entire population, and to connect 85 % of the urban and 25 % of the rural population to sewerage systems by 2025. In Moldova, 1.6 million inhabitants (54.3 % of the total population) were connected to the public water supply system in 2016. The rest of the population met their water demand by self-supply. The water supply industry supplied 84.8 million m3 of water, which is equal to 10 % of the total annual freshwater abstraction in the country. As a result of the high pollution of surface water resources, the country is heavily dependent on groundwater resources, particularly for drinking purposes, which can result in the overexploitation of the groundwater resources (UNECE, 2014a). Because of the poor condition of the water supply system in Moldova, almost half of the water supplied is lost during transport.

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