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Republic of Moldova’s Millennium Development Goals pertaining to the natural environment also includes intermediate and long-term targets in water supply, defining that the percentage of population with access to safe water supply should grow for 9.2 % from 2002-2006 and 11.5 % from 2010-2015 (UNECE, 2005). Moldova is still far from meeting its national targets. The critical aspects related to the water supply infrastructure are: (1) the unsatisfactory technical condition of the drinking water system and waste water treatment systems; (2) the low percentage of the population with access to improved sanitation services; and (3) insufficient investment in the expansion and improvement of the water supply network and sanitation. The poor condition of the water supply network and insufficient financial and technical resources are making it difficult to implement the desired conditions within the water supply system in the country. The monopoly of the water services, overstaffing (Salvetti and Giovanna, 2015), and the lack of financial resources are the remaining challenges lying ahead in the water sector.

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