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Among all six countries, Georgia exhibits the highest water use per capita due to high water loss in the conveyance system (Figure 17). Each Georgian citizen used on average 90.6 m3 of water from renewable freshwater resources during the year of 2018. This corresponds to approximately 248 l of freshwater per capita per day. Georgia has improved its water supply network during recent years. About 40.5 % of the total population was not connected to the water supply in 2015, but this figure decreased by 6.3 % in 2018 as a result of improvements to the network. Although Georgia is a non-water-stressed country, about 34.2 % of its population was not connected to the public water supply in 2018 and had to manage their water demand by self-supply. In addition, the country’s water supply network is in poor condition, causing the network to lose 66.4 % of the total water supply in the network.

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