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In Azerbaijan, total freshwater use by households has increased since 2000. In parallel, the total population of the country increased by 22 % between 2000-2017, whilst the percentage of the population connected to the public water supply increased only 9.3 % over the same period. In 2017, water use for households was estimated at an average of 201.6 l perperson per day. It should be noted that between 2015-2017 total freshwater use decreased by 13 % due to investments in the water conveyance infrastructure. Nevertheless, as water is mainly supplied to households from surface water resources, any deterioration in water quality may pose high public health risks. As a result of the increasing proportion of the population connected to the water supply system, water use from the public water supply system increased by 15 % between 2012-2017. However, since half of the population is still not connected to the water supply services, further efforts are needed to achieve the UN target that there is ‘by 2030, universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water for all’ (Sustainable Development Goal no. 6.1).

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