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6.1.2        Current state

In Armenia, 31 % and 44 % of the river sites belong to the two highest concentration classes for BOD and ammonium levels, respectively, based on data for 2015-2017 (Figure 21). The highest average BOD concentrations were found in the Hrazdan river basin, followed by Akhuryan (Hata! Başvuru kaynağı bulunamadı.. Hrazdan is the most populated river basin in Armenia, while the second most populated city (Gyumri) is located in the Akhuryan river basin. The waste waters of both cities discharge directly into the rivers, due to a lack of waste water treatment plants. The best water quality conditions were found in the Sevan river basin. The rivers here are mainly subject to diffuse sources of water pollution, which do not have a big significant impact. However, even here the two sites had average ammonium concentration above the recommended levels for cyprinid fish in the EU Fish Directive (2006/44/EC). To reduce pollution of surface waters (especially in the Sevan river basin) there is new legislation that requires local treatment of wastewater from recreation areas before it is discharged to rivers or lakes.

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