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6.2.2        Current state

In Armenia, the current river nitrate concentration was in the range between 3.6-5.6 mg N/l at three sites and above 6 mg N/l at one site (Figure 24). These sites were found in the Hrazdan and Northern RBMUs which, along with the Akhuryan river basin, had the highest average nitrate concentrations (Figure 23: Average river nitrate and phosphate concentration for 2015-2017 by River Basin Management Unit.. About 36 % of the sites belonged to the lowest nitrate concentration class. For river phosphate, 40 % of the sites belonged to the upper three concentration classes. The average concentration was far higher in the Hrazdan and Akhuryan river basins. As seen for organic pollution, these river basins stand out with particularly high nutrient concentrations. These are the two most populated river basins with the two largest cities in the country, Yerevan and Gyumri. The waste waters of both cities discharge directly into the rivers due to lack of waste water treatment. Across all river basins, nutrient concentrations were generally higher downstream than upstream of settlements, due to emissions of waste water.

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