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Most of the Georgian river sites were in the lowest nitrate concentration class (68 %), and there were no sites in the three highest classes. For phosphate, nearly half of the sites (49 %) had current concentrations between 0.1-0.2 mg P/l, and there were also two sites in the second highest class. The average phosphate concentration was highest in the Kura river basin, where 64 % of the sites were above 0.1 mg P/l. This is considered sufficiently high to cause eutrophication. Nitrate concentrations were high in the Kura river basin, but overall nitrate concentrations were relatively low. The current phosphate and nitrate concentrations never exceeded the national maximum permissible concentrations (10.2 mg NO3-N/l for cyprinid waters, 9.0 mg NO3-N/l for salmonid waters, and 1.1 mg P/l). These thresholds are, however, very high compared to EU standards, and do not necessarily reflect poor ecological conditions of the water bodies.

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