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Dear colleagues,

We invite you to participate in the Country and stakeholder consultation of the Report on State of water resources and water use in the Eastern Partnership countries- An indicator-based assessment. We kindly ask all invited stakeholders to comment on the Report using the online tool (TalkBack) before

22 May 2020

EEA ask Eastern Partnership Countries to provide a consolidated country response and only upload one set of comments per country. EEA´s primary networks are the NFPs of the Eastern Partnership Countries to the Project on the Implementation of the Shared Environmental Information System principles and practices in the Eastern Partnership countries. On the other hand, we would strongly advice the extension of this consultation to related national water agencies and particularly to those national experts involved in developing the water indicators. Please also see the annex guidance  on how to comment in Talkback.

Some background information on the Report of State of water resources and water use in the Eastern Partnership countries- An indicator-based assessment.

Since 2017, the water experts of the Eastern Partnership Countries have been involved in developing a set of water indicators as one of the key activities of the ENI SEIS II East Project. The indicators address to various aspects of water resources management such as renewable water resources, water availability, sectoral water use, water quality etc. This report is a building block on those indicators.

The report aims to present results on:

  • What is the state of renewable freshwater resources (both quantity and quality) in Eastern

Partnership  Countries?

  • Which sectors are putting pressures on the water resources?
  • What is the efficiency gained in water use?
  • What are the trend in renewable freshwater resources, water use and water quality between 2000-2017?

The report presents results on the state of surface waters and groundwater in Eastern Partnership Countries, providing overviews at national and regional level. 

We hope you find the draft report interesting and look forward to receiving your comments. Please contact with Nihat Zal ( for any case you need either further clarification or support in using the TalkBack for the consultation.

Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation.


Galina Georgieva 


Nihat Zal

EEA, Head of Group - Networks and Partnerships


EEA, Expert -   Water resources and regional cooperation (ENI)


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Annex - Use the talkback for commenting

  • When you receive the following notification, please click on the link provided in the invitation e-mail

  • You will get the following menu on your screen, we would suggest you to download the pdf version of the report to have an overview on its overall structure and content

  • Then you can select any chapter of interest you may wish to comment
  • Once you select the chapter of the interest from the report you will have a tab enabling you to upload your comment for the respective paragraph

  • You can navigate among different chapters by using the table of contents on the right hand side.

 Thanks for your very kind supports.

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