This report was developed and written by Nihat Zal (EEA) and Lidija Globevnik (ETC/ICM-TC VODE) with the support from Kari Austnes (ETC/ICM-NOVA), Gašper Šubelj (ETC/ICM-TC Vode) and Luka Snoj (ETC/ICM-TC Vode)

The report was edited by Joanna Laval Karlsen (EEA).

EEA support and strategic guidance was received from Galina Georgieva, Paul McAleavey, Ronan Uhel and Stéphane Isoard

The report has been built on the water indicators developed jointly by EEA project managers, ETC/ICM experts and national water experts. National Focal Points (NFP) and members of National Implementation Team (NIT) ensured the coordination of experienced national experts from field of water and environmental data and information exchange support. The support of the contracted national assistants to the development of this report is also greatly appreciated. Without dedication and support received from all mentioned institutions and individuals, development of this report would not have been possible.

We particularly acknowledge the work of:

SEIS National Focal Points:

Armenia: Gayane Shahnazaryan, Ministry of Nature Protection, Environmental Monitoring and Information Centre, Armenia and Nelli Baghdasaryan, Statistical Committee Armenia;

Azerbaijan: Faig Mutallimov, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Rena Laz─▒mova, State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan;

Belarus: Ekaterina Poleshchuk, Belstat - National Statistical Committee of the Republic of Belarus and Elena Kaminskaya, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus;

Georgia: Maia Javakhishvili, Ministry of Environmental Protection and Agriculture of Georgia, Vasil Tsakadze, GOEOSTAT - National Statistics Office of Georgia and Georgi Sanadze, GEOSTAT - National Statistics Office of Georgia;

Moldova: Veronica Lopotenco, Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment of Republic of Moldova, Silvia Nicolaescu, Environmental Agency of the Republic of Moldova and Elena Orlov, National Bureau of Statistics of the Republic of Moldova

Ukraine: Valentyna Vasilenko, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine and Oleg Prokopenko, State Statistics Service of Ukraine


SEIS National Assistants:

Armenia: Yurik Poghosyan; Azerbaijan: Vafadar Ismayilov; Georgia: Tamar Bakuradze; Moldova: Maria Tarigradean; Ukraine: Dmytro Averin


National Experts:

Armenia: Anna Zatikyan and Gayane Hazutyunyan from Ministry of Nature Protection; Naira Mandalyan and Ani Hambardzumyan from National Statistical Service;

Azerbaijan: Matanat Avazova, Dilara Gulmamadova, Khayala Gulieva, Durdana Madatova, Asif Verdiyev and Gunay Hasanova from Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources; Emil Sultanov from Ministry of Emergency Situations; Farid Osmanov and Gara Jafarov from Amelioration and Water Economy OJSC; Elunur Nasirov and Tural Agharzayev from AZERSU OJSC;

Belarus: Ekaterina Poleshchuk and Veronika Zhosan from National Statistical Committee; Elena Bogodiazh, Ekaterina Vasilenok and Polina Palchek from Belhydromet; Aliaksandr Pakhomau from CRICUWR - State water Cadastre;

Georgia: Nana Kitiashvili, Marina Zuleyva, Gulchina Kuchava, Marine Arabidze and Nino Imnadze from National Environment Agency; Mariam Makarova, Tamar Gamgebeli and Gvantsa Sivsivadze from Ministry of Environment Protection and Agriculture; Nino Zurabishvili, Irakli Tsikhelashvili and Tamar Tarashvili from National Statistics Office;

Moldova: Ina Ghilan and Rodica Adascalita from State Hydrometeorological Service; Ludmila Lungu from National Bureau of Statistics; Rodica Sîrbu and Ana-Maria Cojocaru from Apele Moldovei;

Ukraine: Shpanchyk Mariia from State Water Agency.


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ADB –                    Asian Development Bank

CEPA –                  Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement

DPSIR –                Drivers – Pressures – State – Impact – Response

EBRD –                  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

EEA –                     European Environment Agency

EIONET –             European Environment Information and Observation Network

ENI –                     Eastern Neighbourhood Instrument

ENP –                    European Neighbourhood Policy

EPIRB –                 Environmental Protection of International River Basins

ETC/ICM –           European Topic Centre for Inland, Coastal and Marine Waters

EU –                       European Union

EUWI + –             European Union Water Initiative Plus

FAO –                    Food and Agriculture Organization

GEF –                    General Environmental Facilities

GDP –                   Gross Domestic Product

HLPF –                  High-level Political Forum

IAWD –                 International Association of the Water Supply Companies

IWRM –                Integrated Water Resources Management

NFP –                    National Focal Point

OECD –                                 Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

PPP –                    Purchasing Power Parity

QA/QC –              Quality Assurance / Quality Control

RBMP –                River Basin Management Plan

RBMU –               River Basin Management Unit

REC –                     Regional Environmental Centre

RWR –                   Renewable Water Resources

SEIS –                    Shared Environmental Information System

SDG –                    Sustainable Development Goals

UN –                      United Nations

UNDP –                United Nations Development Program

UNECE –              United Nations Economic Commission for Europe 

USD –                    US Dollar

WB –                     World Bank

WEI –                    Water Exploitation Index

WFD –                   Water Framework Directive

WHO –                 World Health Organization

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