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Hydrological pressure: water abstracted for irrigation

To consider the effect of crop irrigation, the annual volume of water abstracted for agricultural irrigation (acquired for the year 2015) was compiled (Zal et al., 2017). Water abstraction represents the main driver of water consumption in agriculture. The data are intermediate model outputs from pan-European water quantity accounting at FEC-level with monthly resolution. The monthly values were summed up to the total annual amounts and transformed to cubic metres per hectare, dividing the annual water abstracted in each FEC by the irrigated crop area in the respective FEC (Figure 5).

Figure 5: Geographical distribution of the annual volume of water abstracted for agricultural irrigation, calculated by FEC

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  • silvaagu (Agueda Silva) 14 Sep 2021 18:53:58

    Portugal appears to have a high water consumption compared to other countries, but it is not possible to validate the results shown on this map because it is unknown what baseline data was used and what methodology was applied.

  • scheidand (Andreas Scheidleder) 15 Sep 2021 13:52:51

    Comment from Austria: The information in Figure 5 is not optimal for Austria. Irrigation is only responsible for a very minor (4%) share of water abstraction and located in very small parts of the country. But Austria in total falls, inspite of the small-scale resolution, ino category >200-2000 m³/ha/year water abstraction for agricultural irrigation. This is not a big number, however it is not representative for the whole territory.

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