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The following sections give a brief overview of the selected European key water management challenges, including:

  • A description of the issue (pressure types and drivers) and information on the share of WFD water bodies affected in the second RBMPs
  • An outline of the key impacts of the pressure types or drivers on water ecosystems
  • A summary of key measures which are available to tackle the issue and of management challenges of EU-wide relevance (ongoing challenges and new challenges ahead). The main measures taken under the first and second RBMPs of the WFD as well as measures to meet the requirements of other relevant Directives, Regulations or National Action Plans were used as a basis to derive information on key measures and management challenges.

The presentation of each key water management challenge is concise and limited to two pages, focusing on the main issues of European relevance. For more detailed information, the literature cited in each section should be consulted. The forthcoming third RBMPs shall provide further details on the main drivers and pressures which are important at the river basin district level and on specific measures required in the new WFD planning cycle.

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