4. Response

4.     Response

This chapter will be based on the background documents of ETC/ICM and ETC/CCA and their on-going developments and will contain possible scenarios for future sustainable water management in connection with land management and spatial planning.

Based on the information in the previous chapters it will further develop possible options for governance and management.

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 As in chapter 3 an overarching general part will be completed by specific subchapters for:

  1. Floods;
  2. Water Scarcity and Droughts; and
  3. Water Quality.

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 Provisional and not limitative, this chapter can include:

-          sustainability of combinations of future measures;

-          the effectiveness or/and efficiency of possible scenarios together with their robustness and flexibility;

-          the need to intensify cooperation outside the ‘water-sector’, e.g. in the domain of spatial planning;

-          the need for more specific scenarios e.g. for urban areas, or the opportunities in agriculture / agricultural areas;


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 In this chapter examples of good practice and case studies from member states or river basin districts will be included. Information in addition to what’s available in the 2 background documents by the ETCs from the member states or relevant stakeholders are welcome.

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