Vulnerability Report

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Vulnerability report in the EEA 2012 State of water assessments.

For Eionet consultation (NRCs Water and NFPs) and consultation by CIS WG F and EG WSD.

The pdf document of the report can be found at

Besides this talkback consultation, there are the 2 excel-files with questions about data used and reported for the Water Exploitation Index+

Consultation WEI+:
Water Quantity Data Clarifications: 

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Important note to reviewers

  • The Executive Summary is missing from this draft report
  • List of figures, List of maps, List of tables, List of boxes, List of Abbreviations and Acknowledgements are missing in this draft report
  • Cross-references to tables, figures and maps may be incorrect in some cases
  • The formatting of text, tables, figures and maps as well as their captions has not been harmonized
  • References may be incomplete in some cases and the format of references has not been harmonized
  • High-lighted text (in the pdf version) indicates cross-references to other parts of the text or other EEA reports that need to be verified (generally in green) and areas of further work (generally in yellow)
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General Comments 3
2. Introduction 4
3. Freshwater ecosystem services and their Vulnerability 15
4. Pressures, state and outlook 24
5. Impacts and responses 9
6. Conclusions 0