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Europe’s waters have been identified as being vulnerable to a diverse set of anthropogenic pressures (EEA (report under preparation) 2012a). Surface freshwaters are affected by major modifications - such as water flow regulation (e.g. dams, weirs, sluices or locks) water abstractions and morphological alterations, straightening and canalisations. These hydro-morphological pressures comprise all physical alterations of water bodies that modify their shores, riparian and littoral zones, water level and flow. They are the most commonly occurring pressure and impact on rivers, lakes and transitional waters in Europe; affecting half of river and transitional water bodies and 30 % of the lake water bodies (Figure 2.1).

Figure 2.1 Proportion of classified water bodies (rivers and lakes) in River Basin Districts affected by hydro-morphological pressures

Source: (EEA (report under preparation) 2012a)

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  • mohauvol (Volker Mohaupt) 23 Aug 2012 20:23:42

    Could you please clarify whether the data are used, are the data of the river basin community or of the member states. The presentation of the data should use data related to the river basin. At the moment, it seems that the data are mixed.

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