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During 2011, in the period January to May, severe cumulated rain deficits were recorded in the EU , comparable to historic minima for many countries (Figure 4.4): in France (comparable to 1976), England (comparable to 1997), Belgium, The Netherlands (comparable to 1991, 1982, 1976), Germany (comparable to 1996), Denmark, parts of Czech Republic and Slovakia, almost all of Hungary, locally in Austria, Slovenia and Croatia, Ukraine (absolute minimum since 1975), Belarus and the Baltic countries (JRC 2011). The evolution of the 3-month Standardized Precipitation Index (SPI3) from February to May 2011 is in figure 4.5.

Figure 4.4 Accumulated rainfall for 1st of January to 6th of June 2011

Source: JRC (2011)
Note: Comparison of accumulated rainfall for 1st of January to 6th of June 2011 with the historic time series 1975 to 2010.2011 is highlighted in red. Black dot-dashed line: Average rainfall 1975-2010, green dashed lines: One standard deviation above and below the average (1975-2010).

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